Tweets Six:

These tweets were first written in 2013.  On 15 July 2014 the Prime Minister sacked Mr Gove.  So perhaps these are an 'adieu' offering.  But they can serve as a warning to others who shared his views. 

#Gove: If Michael Gove had really recognised the excellence of our schools and had persuaded the right wing press to do the same; 

#Gove: if he had thought more about the meaning of education for young people and seen beyond the transmission model of teaching;

#Gove: if he had related his earlier recognition of the significance of climate change to the concept of economic growth; 

#Gove: if he had recognised that an inevitably different future demands a relevant education for today’s young people;

#Gove: if he had seen that politicians (both left & right) over 25 years have steadily corroded our schools, doing more harm than good;

#Gove: if he had built his ideology on trusting teachers and had supported their efforts to make every school a good school;

#Gove: if he had listened to the suggestions and concerns of the many organisations and people trying to improve our schools;

#Gove: if he had not set out to change so many features of schooling on the basis of a political agenda pointing to privatisation;

#Gove: he might have been judged by teachers and parents to be a successful secretary of state.

#Gove: Instead he was the most disastrous minister in living memory. It is time to call a halt to his initiatives. 

#Education: And it is time for all politicians to recognize that teachers know best what their pupils and students need.


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